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Prime Groundbreaking News - Robots take over puny planet Earth

New exhibition at Teknikens hus/House of Technics in Lulea


Visit Teknikens hus 17 june – 3 september 2017 and take in a myriad of unbelievable steel sculptures. If you love Futurama, Star Wars, Minions or Crazy Robots in general - it's not to be missed.

Welcome kindred spirits :)


More nfo @

Teknikens Hus ("House of technics")



Sneakpeak at the hanging of the art at Teknikens hus.


Vernissage at "Nordsken" / "Northern Lights" in Skelleftea Arena



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"Fun & Culture".


News and interviews


As the interview is written in Swedish,

I give you the Swenglish translation below.

(my translation)


"This weeks cultural profile

Alchemy of Steel


Hi "Alchemy of Steel",

who are you and why the


- A happy joking piteå-villager with the urge to create.

I simply don't have a clue what

would be great with celebrity status and absolutely

not what would be intriguing with

my personality? Place rather your focus on my

art and hopefully you'll stay wide awake.


How did you find passion for the arts?

- As soon as I was old enough to have the strength to lift

the pen I never let it go, as soon as i cracked my eyelids open I wanted to be a cartoon artist. Since then I have sculpted, painted, sketched, scrambled together screenplays and novels, directed, photographed stills and moving pictures asf etc. Sculpting in steel started as the answer to a challenge but.

I was stunned by the unhibited joy that met my work. The urge to create

had always been there but the passion for the art arrived with the light

in the beholders eyes.


Who is your favourite artist and why?

- I local patriotic territory you might dare to be honest to mention Ernst

Billgren whom seems to be a relaxed and intriguing dude.

I have to blush and admit a certain addiction to old dusty flicks

such as Dr Caligaris Cabinet, Hobson's Choice, Oh, Mr Porter!, certain directors has painted moving classical oil paintings where each broken

down frame is pure art such as - Sergio

Leone, Jodorowsky, John Carpenter,

Dario Argento, Walter Hill asf.

I do not know if I dare say this but I percieve comic books as art.

Even the comics animated alter egos are often both intellectually and artistically stimulating. Tv-shows such as grand favorites Rick & Morty and

cancelled Futurama but also full features such as studio Ghibli's or Pixar's highlights and so on places high on the scales/charts.


How does your process look from idea to

finished work?

-Usually as I go to bed and precisely in that moment youre about to pass out

ideas will pop up, thats why I have a notebook under the pillow.

As the sun looks up the amazing ideas will look somewhat various in the daylight, but once now and then

an idea will look absolutely brilliant (As a Swedish movie character has a swedish saying about)

Then I give the ideas a wrestling and research the theme, alternative materials and so forth. The reasoning goes something of this sort.

All dark gloomy crap gets dumped in the garbage bin without mercy,

we have all been there and sure,

for many a therapeutic outlet as a center of their driveforce, and nothing wrong with that, however personally I percieve that like a cheap trap

and easy shortcut. I prefer the bright side of "the force" and admire the "nerdwave"

and its attitude that requires lot of guts despite fawlty perceptions of the opposite that it is childish and stupid to videogame, like sci/fi etc.

It is a high priority in my creativity to approach the process

deliberately "positively naive" attitude. Not ecessarily in a feeble way as

the terminology most often is associated with if that sounds understandable?

When I'm hooked on the idea I get engulfed and focus on the form of the artpiece.

Dominating art form on the present art exhibition were talking metal sculptures.

The metal sculptures was actually concieved with the thought

"what if you could lift things out of fiction and imagination over to reality? What would you feel if you stood eye to eye with something in reality that you know you never ever see for real? Suddenly confronted with dreams that you and I, we all have tucked away latetly in the back of our minds.

Pherhaps a figure we saw in a comic book, pherhaps a retro toy robot

we played with as kids, maybe a... Thing that kickstarts your heart and

teleport you back to a time of happiness when there was no limitations.

The rest is up to the beholder - the art is in you!


How do you look at your role as an artist?

- My circles are turned sideways. I should underline I've always taken art

with the highest sincerity/seriousness, but with the hand on my heart never as much as spent a thought of exhibit my art.

Creating is an urge such as eating or sleeping, such as is always present and a great measure of honesty permeates the purity of that fact that I choose to believe unites artistic souls in a fellowship of the minds and hearts.

My boss (my girlfriend) attends art school and sneakily shot some pictures

of my sculptures and showed at her classes. From never have shown close to nothing publically or as much as even sold a bolt or ink-line offers

suddenly started to pour in to hold venissages both here and there.

Myself I just had been happy when like my sisters kids

or anyone aquainted stumbled in and over my artwork and all the joy they exhibited than and there.

Now suddenly I will have the amazing opportunity to hold an art exhibition and that feels mindblowingly amazing and is a great honor.

It will be interesting to see what you think out there, but it would bring warmth to see eyes lit and souls awake that feeling when anything is possible...

I also wish to add for all out ther, to YOU, that your are warm welcome to

the art exhibition going on in Kaleido's art gallery going on right now!".

2017 January 27

Interview Piteå-Tidningen.


2017 March


Culture & Entertainment.


Quote; "I admire the courage of todays Nerds, Cosplayer's and everybody brave enough to openly admit their true love of subcultures. Now THAT'S Courage!"

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Swenglish translation.

2017 Mars


Culture & Entertainment.


Quote; "Unique, genius, one of its kind."

2017 March


Culture & Entertainment.


Quote; "Art the awesome way."


2017 Mars


Culture & Entertainment.


Quote; "Artist and local genius"

Business News


Viking robots spotted !?!



Rick & Morty rules!



Alternate dimensionhole spotted in Norrfjarden, Sweden.



Here is a sneak preview for now - you earned it by reading this far.

Rest assured some crazy ass projects are hiding behind the corner.

Check back for updates,


May the force be with you! ;)





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Jan - March 2017

Art exhibition at Kaleido Art Gallery Pitea, Sweden.


May 2017

Art exhibition at NORDSKEN (Northern lights/Aurora Borealis)

Skelleftea, Sweden




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