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Most artists joins some sort of posse holding torches high hunting identities and singularity. I entertain the idea that most of us are generally alike inside, harbouring magical universes awesome beyond limitations. A dimension you and me share. Thus making art a symbiosis between artist and viewer, a dialogue between you and me if you so will. I'm doing my best to pull objects out of the sphere over to our real world. Those things you never thought you'd ever see in real life!

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Mom kissed Dad and out I popped, the year was 1970. As soon as I flipped my eyelids open I noticed a comic book and a box of crayons. I knew I was going to be a comic artist and started drawing. In addition I thought it would prolly be a good idea to learn to speak and write and stuff. I never let go of that 0,5mm lead holder!


When I stumbled over a VHS tape at age 9 I became a Cineast. A creative outlet was more necessary than breathing the very air around me. I painted, sculpted, sketched, invented, wrote screenplays & novels, photographed and filmed, searched enlightment through martial arts and so forth. I studied Architecture and had 2 days summer vacation until the mandatory army stint. Served as second lieutenant in the special troops mountaineer commandos and then advanced to the GRK still holding the pen close. Only now had built my strength enough to lift a 2,0mm lead holder! *WOHOO*


Then everything came to a sudden halt as I suffered severe spinal damage due to an accident that put me on pause for some close to 5 years. No biggie I eventually learned to walk again but nothing I'd recommend anyone.

On the bright side I ended up with a shitload of sketches piled up and went through an even more impressive pile of movies.


I rolled in to film school not in a cool V8 but on a Walker. (Not the AT-AT-kind)

Studied Director and Screenplaywriter 2 yrs. Directed Swedens first vampire movie "Moroii" 1998, won Filmpoolernas national movie award for best movie.

Pretty exactly here one year later after loosing the walker one of the surgical procedures my back subscribed to turned massive clusterfuck and I was horizontal again, it was pretty exactly another year exactly to learn to walk again.

I went back for the second year at film school and made an action/horror movie "The Interrogation" and received the award for Swedens best movie 2000.


The mandatory national movie association (Filmpool) reassured me that "the next time it is your time", an ongoing reassurement for some 17yrs now.

Got impatient some 3 yrs ago and I filmed a one man crew zero budget Zombie full length feature. Theres a trailer but theres no finished edit of the movie itself.


In hindsight the bedtime was somewhat claustrophobic so I decided to live & travel a bit, somehow that turned in to most of europe. Both wonderful places and some *cough cough*.

But theres no place like home and back home it felt nice to kick up my feets on the couch and woa if I dont stumble upon the premiere episode of Futurama and behold robot "Bender" in his full glory pickpocketing the limelights.

I immediately concluded it'd be nice to have Bender in the living room couch, and it it dawned on me that maybe some mates thougth it'd be funny too?

I live in a small 2 room apartment and knew nothing about working with metal, maybe that was lucky :)

That was 28 Mars 1999 and now I was in to metal art.


Fast forward almost two decades until a couple of months ago. It never struck me that anybody could be interested in my art but suddenly the phone started ringing and people wanted me to exhibit my art. Prank calls made by my mates I assumed and had a couple of, well phonecalls I think you find amusing. It turned out my boss (as in g/f) sneakily taken some pics of my art and showed in her art class. They spread and the phonecalls started. So 28th Jan 2017 I had my very first art exhibition in my city's big art gallery Kaleido. I warned them that probably nobody show up, oh boy was I wrong. First two weeks exceeded far above 10.000 visitors (Of a community of 41,9K inhabitants) closer to one third of the population statistically speaking. The number of visitors kept increasing and my exhibition "Alchemy of Steel" was extended to totally 2 months. I don't know exactly how many visitors the exhibition totalled, but A LOT! For an average dude like anyone else my jaw sure dropped to the floor.


And that puts you officially up to date mates!



Krabbasgatan 5,

94531 Norrfjarden, Sweden

+46 (0) 70-3209 123



Jan - March 2017

Art exhibition at Kaleido Art Gallery Pitea, Sweden.


May 2017

Art exhibition at NORDSKEN (Northern lights/Aurora Borealis)

Skelleftea, Sweden




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