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Eye of the beholder!

I just make it, the art is in YOUR heart.


My signature Thor Bear Mountain is a direct translation of my actual name. Sorry I'm talking you to death. In short this is my home and where you'll find my art. Sculptures, Paintings, Illustrations, Movies, Novels, Screenplays and pretty much anything I can Imagine.






Oh and - "These ARE the droids your looking for!" ;)




I just want to grab your hands and take you on the adventure of a lifetime. So lets go explore the limitless boundaries of art together.

A magical universe awesome beyond all limits.

I truly believe art is about transcendence.

Pherhaps the journey will take us to a glorius destination of heart and mind.

Join us!

Metal Sculpting

Thoughts and facts

Besides cave paintings Metal Art is one of the oldest artforms known to man. It is very recent we could start choosing from all kinds of metal and alloys, the doors opened with the 1800's Industrialism. Prior to this point there where fewer choices due to the processes required to gain metals such as bronze, copper, lead, steel. Arguably Gold is the oldest metal as it is the only metal that occurs in pure form naturally in nature and thus can be sculpted with simple tools or brute force if you so will. As I think and read about the mindboggling loss of art and knowledge through time the insight grabs hold of my very soul and chokes me to tears. Art is humanity at her finest, art is about ascension. Who would not have liked to see the mythical Polygnotos works of art, use the library card at the lost library of Alexandria, and think of entire civilisations painting on poor mediums that had no endurity att all transforming every single painting to dust... all of which nothing is left... all lost in the whirls of time. I cannot help making the association to metal, metal is one of the most enduring mediums we have. A Copper pendant was found in Northern Iraq dating back 10.700 years (8.700BCE), Gold artifacts in Bulgaria dating back 6.450 years. It makes one feel humble...

Sculpting and shaping metal does feel like a real challenge. Some mastered this in history to stunning perfection. For instance if you consider the art of the Samurai sword and the feat contained within, the idea that the Swords carried the souls of their keepers, is an appealing one. Sculpting is the aim to create something more than the sum of the parts. What of you could breath life in to a piece of metal, a sculpture. What if you could give it a soul...






New and projects in the making shared with hopes of spreading joy and inspiration..


The small Triplane is made out of a Stainless soap dispenser is a little sneak preview for you and is actually part of a larger picture, literally! More precisely an intricate detail of a large 3D steel-painting. Further some tributes to the Star Wars saga has joined my portfolio.The AT-AT Walker is finished coming in at 220-250cm. I'm also attempting to dust off my sketching as it probably comes in handy for future adventures of full size metal sculptures. May the force be with you!


(House of Technics/Science Center)

10 Juni 2017 - 3 September 2017

Direct link; http://www.teknikenshus.se/se-gora/utstallningar/

Info at www.teknikenshus.se

Teknikens Hus Science Center, Universitetsområdet, Teknikens Hus väg 2, 977 54 Luleå.


And remember - you and your entire family are very very welcome!

Yours truly, /Zorko :)





I literally created all my life and never exhibited my art until a few months ago.


Someone close to me snapped a couple of cellphone pics that quickly spread followed by requests that I exhibit my art.

An idea that frankly was beyond my imagination. I was zero nervous as I assumed very few would be interested in my work and unknown name, besides the oblivious PR...

First two weeks early exceeded 10.000 art lovers through Kaleido Art Gallery. (Statistically close to a third of the entire town/community of 41,7K inhabitants) After that the numbers increased and media showed up, newspapers, radio, television, web based media and even journalist schools.

Scouts passed through asking me to contact galleries and events , even foreign.

If you ever want to put a face to the funny word flabbergasted, think of me!


28 January 2017 - extended 25 Mars 2017

"Alchemy of Steel" Metal art, Sculptures, Sketches & Digital Art.

Kaleido Art Gallery, Storgatan 44, 941 32 Piteå, Sweden.

Open 1200-1800 Tu - Fri, Sat 1200-1600, Closed Sun-Mon.


25 - 27 Maj 2017

Slogan: "GAMES, CULTURE AND CREATIVITY" Info at www.nordsken.se

Skellefteå Kraft Arena, Mossgatan 27, 931 85 Skellefteå, Sweden


10 Juni 2017 - 3 September 2017

Direct link; http://www.teknikenshus.se/se-gora/utstallningar/

Info at www.teknikenshus.se

Teknikens Hus Science Center, Universitetsområdet, Teknikens Hus väg 2, 977 54 Luleå.


Coming soon

Info at www


Krabbasgatan 5,

94531 Norrfjarden, Sweden

+46 (0) 70-3209 123



Jan - March 2017

Art exhibition at Kaleido Art Gallery Pitea, Sweden.


May 2017

Art exhibition at NORDSKEN (Northern lights/Aurora Borealis)

Skelleftea, Sweden




And just relax, you don't have to feel any obligations to buy just because you contact me.

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